The Six Figure Networker Program is built to share the knowledge of networking, and all related technologies and strategies, with students so they can supercharge what they are already doing with these tools.

The program is designed to compete with no program and to complement all programs. Rather than teach all new strategies, we teach them to do what they are already doing better. Activities like networking, one to ones, referrals and introductions, social media posting, email lists, podcasts, and affiliate joint ventures.

There is a curriculum which will be cycled every 16 weeks, and the real power of this program is that students will have the opportunity to get dynamic training every week. They are invited to bring whatever challenge they are facing to the call and get resources, training, and recommendations immediately.

Because of this admission is rolling, and students can enroll at any time.

This allows us to share information generously in the masterclasses because the real value of the program is the ongoing support and accountability they will receive.

Program details

It is a $100 per month membership, with the option to buy a pay-once-for life for $1000 (or 3 payments of $350)

Affiliate commissions are 30%, paid when payments come in or on the following 15th of the month.

Promotion strategy

The program is sold through a series of masterclasses. Because the program offers a range of high level solutions, we are selling it through a variety of masterclasses reflecting various solutions to be found in the program.

The purpose of the variety is to allow you as affiliate promoters to select the class(es) that would best resonate with your community and only promote those.

The following masterclasses are scheduled for 2023

WTF: What the Funnel? – September 20th
Affiliate Joint Ventures 101 – October 4th
Never Cold Call Again – October 19th
What to Say When Networking – November 1st
Infinite Effortless Follow Up – November 16th

“Shark Week”
WTF: What the Funnel? – December 11th
Affiliate Joint Ventures 101 – December 12th
Never Cold Call Again – December 13th
What to Say When Networking – December 14th
Infinite Effortless Follow Up – December 15th

Shark Week

We are running a masterclass every two weeks or so through the fall, then in December, we are doing a big push. The curriculum cycle will start over in January, so this is a great time for a cohort of new students to come in.

The week of December 11th to 15th, we will be hosting a masterclass every day.

You are not expected to promote all 5!

The five masterclasses are five doors into the same room, so you can promote as you feel will best serve your audience.

By putting them together in one week, we can marshal the Launch energy. We will have a leaderboard for the 5 masterclasses collectively, so an opt-in for any one of them counts.

The top three promoters based on number of opt-ins will receive bonuses:
1st place: $400
2nd place: $200
3rd place: $100

To be eligible for a bonus, you must generate at least $350 of revenue (which means 1 lifetime member or 4 monthly members)

In addition to the leaderboard bonuses, you will get the same 30% of all sales generated through your referrals.

To sign up as an affiliate, just fill out the form below, and we’ll get links and copy to you as soon as it is available.