Networking For Introverts Workshop

Networking for Introverts Workshop

Thursday, October 1st
Two sessions: 10 AM and 5 PM EDT
Admission $7
(Free for members of the Academy)

Free admission to Virtual Speed Networking included

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You know how important it is to have a vibrant network, but what if you’re not a natural social butterfly? This workshop is for you.

Networking for Introverts Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll discuss strategies that are comfortable for the person who doesn’t want to walk up to 5 strangers a day.

You may be uncomfortable approaching strangers because you are worried you’re wasting their time. Do you have anything to offer them of value? The answer is yes, and we’ll help you identify the value you bring to every interaction.

Once we have identified what you have to offer, we’ll focus on how you can clarify what you’re looking to gain.

Finally, we develop a strategy to engage with new networking partners without having an anxiety attack.

Even if you are an extrovert who likes talking to strangers, you’ll still learn something.

The event will be conducted live on Zoom, and a recording of the workshop will be available for all participants.

Participants in this workshop will also get free admission to the Virtual Speed Networking Event on October 7th at 7 PM EDT

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