Virtual Speed Networking

How are you connecting in 2020?

In person networking events aren’t happening.

If your business depends on making connections, this can be a problem.

The Guy Who Knows A Guy is here to help with Virtual Speed Networking.

Virtual Speed Networking

Next event:
Wednesday, October 7th, 7 PM
Admission $5

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What’s Virtual Speed Networking?

Speed Networking is a highly efficient method of meeting a number of people in a short period of time to quickly determine who is worth following up with.

Similar in structure to speed dating, you get paired up with a series of partners, spending three minutes with each person. Just long enough to know if it makes sense to have a follow up conversation.

Virtual speed networking can connect you around the world

Virtual Speed Networking takes the concept of Speed Networking, and brings it online. Not only is this safer in the Covid era, but it gives the opportunity to meet people from outside your immediate geography.

Where else can you network with people from all over the country and the world?

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