Why? Inspire Me with What Inspires You

Inspire with why

Why do you do what you do?

Do you know? If not, you should probably figure that out.

If you do, have you shared it?

Some people get the idea in their head that people don’t want to hear about your inspiration. They think that the audience is only interested in hearing about what you can do for them.

This is not completely wrong. There is a very valid concept that people come into most situations with the question of “What’s In It For Me?” in their minds. However, sharing your Why is different from sharing what’s in it for you.

Let’s say you have joined some kind of network marketing company and you want to inspire your friends to support your business.

What many people do wrong is that they share only the surface of their motivation. They talk about the opportunity, how they can make money, how they want to be successful.

Nobody is inspired by you making money. There is nothing in that for them.

What if we go a layer deeper? Why do you want to make money?

Is it so you can create a college fund so your kids can have the opportunity you never had?

Are you saving up for a house so your family can have the environment you’ve always dreamed of for them?

Is it to get a new car so that you will never have to worry about a breakdown again?

Is it to pay off your debts and become debt free?

If you tell me that you are just trying to make more money, that is not compelling. If, however, you tell me that you are embarking on a mission to make your life or the lives of your family better, then you might get my attention.

If you can be vulnerable enough to share details on where you are now and what you are trying to achieve, then you can earn my engagement.

If you tell me that I could help your kids go to college if I buy some candles from you, I would be inclined to do so. Especially if you keep me informed and make it feel like your mission is my mission.

When it comes to Why, be all in or all out. Either talk to me about what’s in it for me, or share so much about your inspiration that I become inspired as well.

So, what is my inspiration?

We live in a very challenging economy, and a very challenging world, but there are still opportunities if you know where and how to look for them. 

My mission is to inspire and inform people so that they can create their own economic destiny. I want to connect people to knowledge and to other people that will allow them to share their own gifts and make the world better in whatever way they are meant to contribute.

What’s your inspiration?

Some of the concepts in this article are inspired by Simon Sinek’s excellent book Start With Why. I highly recommend it if you have not read it.

If you would like some help to discern your Why or if you are inspired by mine, I’d love to chat with you. Click here to schedule a call.

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