That Wasn’t The Plan

I had a plan this morning. It was a good plan. I was proud to be a part of this plan.

I haven’t been creating as much content as I need to, so, following the advice of Christopher Salem I got at Conference21, I got up at 6 AM instead of 7 AM. I would be up an hour early, and with that hour, I would create content. It would be glorious.

Morning is the best time. My mind is clear and creative. I’m best able to get into a good flow of creativity without getting distracted as I might later in the day. I’m fresh and alert, not tired yet.

I’m getting ready, and about to go create some content.

There was something that my wife needed some advice about. That’s fine. I really like when she comes to me for advice. Makes me feel smart. It took a bit of my content creating time, but not really a problem. I can give her a bit of focus, and then just clear my head back out and make some content.

OK, a bit off the plan, but still okay. Still good.

Of course, I couldn’t get right to it. I had to shower put on some clothes. I guess I didn’t have to, but I wanted to.

In the course of getting on the clothes, I discovered that my daughter is having bad allergies today. I had to tend to her a bit, take her temperature to confirm she’s not actually sick, make her some toast, get her some honey.

I had a plan.

It was a good plan.

None of this was in the plan!

My instinct is to get upset. I had a plan, now the plan is all messed up. I used up a bunch of the time that was supposed to be used for writing. This makes me upset. Now I’m upset. How can I write when I’m upset. Everything is ruined!

But I am an older and wiser man now. Everything is not ruined.

Why do I want to write and make content?

I want to make content because content will increase my exposure and build my audience.

Why do I need an audience?

Because that will get me more clients and speaking engagements and ultimately more money.

Why do I want to make more money?

Because more money means that I’ll have more freedom to spend my time as I like.

What would I do if I had more time?

I would give my wife and daughter more attention.

My beautiful wife and amazing daughter are distracting me from the first step of a plan of which the fifth step is to spend more time with and give more attention to my beautiful wife and amazing daughter.

I can skip four steps and pay attention to them right now, can’t I? And, as it turns out, proven by the fact that you are reading this right now, I can get the content created as well. Of course, it’s not the article I planned to write. That one was about the fact that you’re never to old to have a vision for the future, but that will still be a good article when I write it later. In the meantime, I’ll right this one now.

That’s enough for now. Got to go check on the kid.

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