Values and Shiny Object Syndrome

Have you ever done something and immediately wondered why you did it?

We are driven by our values. Values aren’t just the positive things we value. Some values are neutral or even seemingly negative.

We can value virtues like honesty, integrity, hard word, compassion, and community.

We can also value things like attention, adulation, respect, sexual satisfaction, rest, and even vengeance.

While we like to label values as positive or negative, they are not until we make them so. A positive value like honesty can lead to hurt feelings and broken friendships if not tempered by compassion. A negative value like vengeance can be turned to good purposes if used to right wrongs guided by a clear moral code.

Understanding our values without prejudice is vital if we are to improve our lives and our situations.

Shiny Object Syndrome is the habit that most people have to a greater or lesser degree of always chasing after the new thing in hopes of getting what the old thing has not delivered. Often, this results in failing to follow one course long enough to achieve results before running off on a new course.

Our values are a large part of this. Understanding our values helps us control this.

If we know what we are drawn to, if we know what we desire, then we can know what we will be tempted by.

Knowing that, we can put the perceived value of the newest, shiniest thing into perspective.

What do you value? What drives you? How does that lead you to chase the shiny new thing?

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