Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, Thing Yourself to Confidence and Clarity – Episode 89

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas is the EXPERT with a PROVEN SYSTEM to get you transformational results. She works with people who want to find confidence so they can unlock their full potential. She also works with entrepreneurs who want to find the clarity they need to make money living from their passion. She is a No.1 International Bestselling author of fifteen books on success, communication, wellness and empowerment. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offer-ing leading edge online courses, one-on-one coaching and business mentorship. Along the past 30 years, she has inspired over 100,000 audience members and empowered thousands of clients internationally to get rid of their nega-tive self-talk. She combines over 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years of experience in sales and over 30 years in the fitness industry. In 2007, she was “Fitness Instructor of the Year” for Canada.

And, as if that’s not enough she just recieved the Canadian Presenter of the Year for 2021.

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Unedited Transcript:

Timestamp Speaker Transcript
00:00.00 guywhoknowsaguy Hello and welcome to the guy who knows a guy podcast I am Michael whitehouse the guy who knows a guy himself and today our guest is Natalie clemendon thomas natalie is the expert with a proven system to get you transformational results. She works with people who want to find confidence so they can unlock their full potential. She also works with entrepreneurs who want to find the clarity they need to make money living from their passion. She is a number 1 international bestselling author of 15 books on success communication wellness and empowerment. She is the founder and ceo of the think for yourself academy offering leading edge courses. 1 ne-on-one coaching and business mentorship along the past thirty years she has inspired over one hundred thousand audience members and empowered thousands of clients internationally to get rid of their negative self-talk she combines over ten years of experience in human resources twenty five years of experience in sales and over thirty years in the fitness industry. And in 2000 7 she was fitness instructor of the year for canada and this just in as if that’s not enough she just received the canadian presenter of the year for 2021 so natalie very excited to have you on here. How are you.
01:07.14 Nathalie Hey Michael I am the 1 that’s excited I’m I’m on the podcast of the guy who knows the guy this is so cool.
01:13.63 guywhoknowsaguy It it is pretty cool I won’t lie so tell me Nellie what makes you awesome.
01:19.18 Nathalie What makes you awesome. What? Ah what an ego thing to ask somebody right? like what makes you awesome? Um, maybe I’ll take you back. Maybe I’ll take you back a little while ago. Um. I was just starting to speak professionally and I I needed a video done so we had 3 cameras 1 for the wide- angle 1 for the closeup and 1 from the back to see the large audience and ah the problem was Michael there was only 20 people in the room so we kept asking them to move.
01:51.40 guywhoknowsaguy So.
01:55.90 Nathalie From 1 section to another for the video so that we would put all the segment together. It would look like there was a large audience and that worked because I got a I got a gig out of this I got a phone call from an organization who wanted me to teach confidence to the team and I thought. I didn’t even have a corporate rate. They asked for my Ra and I didn’t know what to say and I go 2 hundred and 50 so they say okay so for the four hours there would be a thousand I almost choke because I meant 2 fifty for the whole thing right? So I go yes, that’s correct 1 thousand dollars.
02:29.19 guywhoknowsaguy Um.
02:30.81 Nathalie You know and then I hang up the phone and I’m like Holy Moly I got the contract I should have been excited but the truth is I felt like a fraud I felt like crap. I was hearing this voice in my head telling me you not a real professional Speaker. You don’t deserve a thousand dollars paycheck for the afternoon see the video I had made to make the audience look bigger than it really was and my madeup corporate with rate none of it was real I was just trying to look more than I really was because somehow I felt like just me.
03:03.24 guywhoknowsaguy Are.
03:03.61 Nathalie Was not enough so to your question. Why are you awesome! It’s because I’m just a small town girl that didn’t even speak english and and it’s actually the voice in my head with so many what you want to be a speaker like in english you want to write books in english you know. Even speak english are you nuts and and it’s true because the voice was right? My english was really bad I remember teaching yoga back then and I had you know everybody laying down at the end you might have done yoga during the relaxation at the end I was trying to tell them to relax and relax their face relax their jaw. And then I wanted them to put their tongue on the roof of their mouth to relax their jaw further and I said put your thong behind your tits and then everybody started to laugh I didn’t know why because I didn’t know how to pronounce teeth and whatever. So the voice was right? But when i.
03:49.20 guywhoknowsaguy Um.
04:00.22 Nathalie If if we go back to that day when I was sitting in that office feeling like a fraud. That’s when I realized I needed to shut down that negative self-talk and find a way to talk to myself differently because it was not serving me so why am I out some because. Because I’m a small town girl that didn’t speak english and now I have written 16 books and I’ve spent the last decade studying neuroscience and I figure out a way to change my negative self-talk and that’s that’s the system that I’ve shared in my 8 and international 1 number 1 bestseller. That’s the system that’s at the base of all. My online courses. That’s what I use with my 1 on 1 clients clients and what I teach in corporations as well. So I guess that the the main thing that that my main message is. Is you are awesome. That’s that’s on my business card and Michael you can see me right now that people cannot but see my business card. It says you are awesome. So that’s that’s my message because I you know that there is such a thing as a.
04:56.37 guywhoknowsaguy You are awesome.
05:06.55 Nathalie Olympic for brains right? like the the smartest and smartest people and there’s these memory games where they have to memorize a shuffled deck of cards in which order or they have 2 hundred pictures with the name of the people they have to memorize their name and then and then. They have 1 minute to memorize all that and and people that win these games they have studied their brains like they they are the smartest people on aren’t really, it’s international and they’ve studied their brain and you know what they found out Michael that their brain is average. Their brain is average.
05:34.43 guywhoknowsaguy What they find out.
05:41.70 Nathalie So why I’m awesome because they have a brain but guess what you 2 we all have 1 We just need to figure out how to use it so and that’s why you guys are all awesome because you have a brain this is that’s the beauty of it like if I can do it if I can.
05:46.85 guywhoknowsaguy Yes.
06:00.64 guywhoknowsaguy Yeah I I love that and it I think it’s interesting that they’re asking you to speak on confidence and and that you were ah you you were basically fa you through the call but faking confidence which in some ways is what the people you were talking to probably needed to learn is.
06:00.70 Nathalie Right? Everybody can.
06:20.30 guywhoknowsaguy Is how to let you know let your prospects confidence ah push you because oftentimes so sometimes your prospect your client believes in you more than you do.
06:30.41 Nathalie I Ah absolutely and it’s interesting. How we oh we talk to ourselves like we don’t talk to people like that like do you walk around saying hey oh you look fat in these jeans. Oh you’re starting your business. It’s never gonna work. You’re not good enough.
06:42.30 guywhoknowsaguy Ah.
06:49.30 Nathalie Like we don’t tell that to people but we tell that to ourselves all the time. It’s it’s crazy and and research shows that seventy percent of our thoughts are negative and that eighty five percent of people lack of self-confidence in at least one area of their life. It’s it’s it’s a reality like we’re not.
06:52.29 guywhoknowsaguy Okay.
07:08.42 Nathalie And not saying that if you have negative selfog. You’re not special but you’re not special. Everybody has negative selfdog it happens all the time and and it is what it is. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do if it happens and how long it’s supposed to last and and how to to.
07:10.70 guywhoknowsaguy Are.
07:24.80 Nathalie Maybe disconnect it or or create a gap between our what what? these thoughts will have as far as an impact on us and.
07:33.18 guywhoknowsaguy Yeah, yeah, and I I think 1 of the the biggest things that I discovered myself. Um, when I was somewhat younger was accepting ah accepting the positive judgment of others. Um, so so accepting that.
07:45.24 Nathalie So.
07:50.20 guywhoknowsaguy If if you’re getting the response you want or the results you want um and some things are are more objective. You know if you can pick up heavy things you are strong. You can tell you’re like oh that’s a heavy thing I can pick it up I must be strong I objectively whereas this is something I discovered I was.
08:03.94 Nathalie Therefore yeah.
08:08.11 guywhoknowsaguy Yeah, when when I was a teenager I’d look in the mirror and be like that is an ugly dude. Ah, but as I yeah went through my later high school and college years I discovered I got positive responses from the people I wanted responses from women Primarily. Um. You know that they responded as if I was attractive and I said doesn’t really matter what I see because I’m not asking myself out but when I ask someone out. They respond in a way I want them to which means whatever it is must be there and I’m just going to accept and a role that I’m not going to ask what it is.
08:28.63 Nathalie So that.
08:40.63 guywhoknowsaguy Um, not going to try to figure out what they see I don’t need to know what they see I know they see it so I know it’s their role with it and the same thing like when they when they booked you and you said 2 fifty and they said death Thousand let’s go they saw something. And you just had to be like yup I’m totally worth a thousand because you think I am yeah um, so so talking a little bit about kind of you know what? what you discovered and and what you teach people in in these many books yours.
08:57.71 Nathalie Um, exactly. Ah.
09:08.31 Nathalie Um, let’s let’s do a quick brain 1 or 1 um There’s so many parts of the brain that I love let’s talk about to the logical mind and the unconscious mind. So. The logical mind is this. Um, way that we have of being able to Multi -tat so the logical brain can handle five to nine pieces of information at a time that’s kind of cool like we can do a lot of things at the same time. That’s that little voice in our head. So let’s say you are um. Grocery shopping because nowadays a lot of things are online and virtual so you can be in a meeting on your phone as you are grocery shopping and at the same time you keep your kid from falling off the cart. And at the same time you still notice the lady in blue winking at the guy in the seafood department like you can do all of this at the same time. That’s cool but have you ever noticed. Let’s say that you’re driving to a new address. Beautiful day. The music is on.
10:04.62 guywhoknowsaguy Okay.
10:13.68 Nathalie Windows are down and you’re driving to that new address and as you come closer you slow down and start looking at the numbers on the houses have you ever caught yourself having to lower the volume on the radio right? right? It’s interesting. How lowering the volume will help you see the numbers is better.
10:25.20 guywhoknowsaguy Yep.
10:31.78 Nathalie It’s because 5 to nine pieces of information gets overwhelmed very quickly quickly like as you have the foot on the brake. The foot on the accelerator the red light ahead the kid that’s about to cross the street. The lady that might cut you off and then there’s the guy in the car next to you oh winking at you gross as you add looking at the numbers on the houses. The music becomes the 1 too many five to nine pieces of information is not that great after all and we’ve learned earlier that seventy percent of these thoughts are negative so living at a logical level is like this. You’re working hard.
10:50.74 guywhoknowsaguy Either. Um.
11:07.38 Nathalie You’re an entrepreneur you’re building your business and then you’re going towards your goal and then you get up at 5 a m and then you do your meditation and then you ex accept client from 5 am till ten p m you still have to take your kids to school and sport in between your meetings and oh you have to start a podcast and you have to post on social media now you have to have an account on clubhouse and the. Harder you work the more exhausted you feel you have zero life balance. You still live paycheck to paycheck because investing in your business costs. A lot of money and you feel like you’re getting further and further away from your dream life and at a point you’re asking yourself is that it. My dream of becoming an entrepreneur and I’ve been there and I’ll come back to that story after because I have been there of of making tons of money hating my life because I was so busy all the time I could never see the kids and I would never spend time with my husband and and I hated it so you get to that point. And it is like you’re trying to go to new york city but you’re in an aircraft that’s flying to l a you can work as hard as you possibly can. But you’re never going to get there if you stay in that Aircraft so a lot of my clients come to me and this and Natalie teach me how do I get off that plane and I say no.
12:06.93 guywhoknowsaguy Oh.
12:12.63 guywhoknowsaguy So.
12:22.32 Nathalie Stay on the plane talk to the pilot and say hey bud do you mind turning around that’s where I’m going like imagine how fast you’re going to get there once the pilot is on board. That’s the other part of the brain that I’m really excited about that’s your pilot It’s your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind can process an average of 2 point 3 million pieces of information every second and I will say this again. The logical mind could handle five to nine the logical mind can handle 2 point 3 million pieces of information. Every second that’s where the power is. That’s. That power is like it’s like working all the time. It’s the most powerful and complex structure in the universe and if you tap into that power. It is like you have a 24 7 personal assistant on steroid working for you. That writes down everything that you say or think and makes it happen. This is awesome, but the problem is people wake up in the morning they look at themselves in the mirror and they say I’m so stressed out I’m so tired I think I’m getting weight so then your personal assistant writes it down.
13:18.93 guywhoknowsaguy Moon.
13:33.78 Nathalie Tired stressed out gaining weight got this okay tired tired. What can I do for this. Oh I know I’m gonna make her think about something all Night. So she’s not going to be able to sleep. She’s gonna be really tired and morning check stressed out stressed out. What can I do for this. Oh I know. I’m going to make her delete a super important appointment in our calendar whooh that’s going to be stressful check gaming weight of easy 1 I can certainly find a chocolate bar something vep fry for her to eat today. Check so your personal assistant is constantly listening to your thoughts to what you say. And makes it happen so we have to be really really careful. What we tell our personal assistant so like asking your contractor that’s painting your kitchen I would like you to paint my kitchen not blue hah your contractor’s not going to know what you want and my clients do this to me all the time this in Natalie. Help me I don’t want to be stressed anymore I don’t want to be impatient with my kids I don’t want to rush everywhere now I don’t want to be broke so their personal assistant hears that stress rush impatient broke got this right? We have to be so careful. What we tell our personal assistant that powerful.
14:32.81 guywhoknowsaguy Um, yep.
14:43.61 Nathalie Unconscious mind.
14:44.24 guywhoknowsaguy Yeah I love that and and it reminds you as a study I heard once they there was a think it was um, rjr what 1 of the tobacco companies cigarette companies and they did an ad campaign where they said that that our cigarettes are less harsh and they did word association. Um. With people who had seen the ads and and you received that that information and they asked them for word association. What word? Do you think of when you think of this brand of cigarettes and people said harsh because the brain ignores negating negating words. So if you say less harsh all it heals just like you said less stress less tired less.
15:17.45 Nathalie Ah, yeah, yeah.
15:22.43 guywhoknowsaguy Irritable. The kids stressed tired Irritable. You got a boss. Yep yeah, and that’s Great. So So you you’re talking about the pilot I think for a lot of people kind of taking that pilot analogy you know modern airplanes have a a fortified door between the passengers and the pilot and and for all, you know there’s a robot up there. But but yeah, it’s difficult. If you’re sitting in the plane you want to talk to the pilot Good luck you it’s not going to happen ye So So how do you? So you you talked a little bit about it. But you know how do you talk to the pilot and make sure the plane goes the right direction.
15:42.56 Nathalie How do we do this right.
15:52.48 Nathalie Ah, a good question so you know on a Gps it’s easy. You change the address push a button the car turns around right because if you don’t is’s Goingnna go recalculating recalculating or recalcating so you got to change the address because it otherwise it’s gonna keep.
15:59.36 guywhoknowsaguy Is it.
16:05.20 guywhoknowsaguy Um.
16:11.69 Nathalie Sending you back to where you were and then we could spend a whole other podcast on this and how habits are created and how neural pathways will take you back and that’s how you have relapse and all this like we could get to that tangent for now I’ll answer your question. How do you talk to the personal assistant. Um. See in order to reprogram a brain in order to to get to the unconscious mind the process needs to happen at our unconscious level. So. It’s not easy to try to do that to yourself at the logical level. That’s what I do. Specifically the second part of my dna system. So this system. Let’s let’s talk about like kitchen renovation and and just before I I get into this I just want to let you know that today I will give you a 2 wo-step technique. You can do right away to start the process I’m not saying that.
17:02.60 guywhoknowsaguy More nice.
17:04.94 Nathalie Oh you need to hire me if you want to not not at all. There’s tons of things that you can do yourself I will even give you today a technique 2 step easy that you can use right away so that you can start talking to your personal assistant and reprogram that brain and start the process. So um.
17:19.70 guywhoknowsaguy Awesome.
17:21.89 Nathalie Like I’m just I’m just letting you know? Okay, so let’s start. Let’s talk about a kitchen renovation. Um, ah first step you want to know what you want so the first step is the d dna so d for desire so you have to know what you want so in a kitchen renovation. You might. Do a folder with samples of these cupboards this countertop this backsplash the hardware floor the paint chip you’ll throw that all in the folder and then you’ll have a plan you need to know what you want this is very very important and everybody talks about this everybody talks about writing your. Objectives your goals right? Smart goals vision boards have you I don’t know if it’s popular in connecticquate vision boards. Very popular here too. Everybody’s done that now if vision boards worked alone without more steps after this everybody would be.
18:00.80 guywhoknowsaguy Um, yeah, oh yeah, no.
18:12.98 Nathalie Living on a deserted Island sipping Martinis driving merce these bands right? Like like if you know it’s not enough. It’s a folder with the plans for your kitchen. You can’t invite people to eat in that folder. You can’t entertain people in a folder. It’s not a kitchen. It’s a folder with samples right.
18:17.23 guywhoknowsaguy Manhood.
18:24.21 guywhoknowsaguy Um, yeah.
18:31.47 Nathalie So let’s understand that. So what I’ve found in the past 10 years is that a lot of people are teaching this. They’re teaching how to set up goals and then they’re teaching people how to implement these new habits in their life and how to to create these new habits. The problem is that is step 3 it is like. You’re trying to install your cupboards over top of the existing cupboards in your old Kitchen. You tried to take the island and throw it over top of the existing island. It’s not go gonna work. You need step 2 you need to gut out the old kitchen you need to to get rid of of all the crap.
19:08.95 guywhoknowsaguy Um.
19:10.61 Nathalie Because we go through life and and things get accumulated whether we like it or not and these things are events that are designed to make us grow. That’s great, but sometimes we keep some sequels from that like we we create bad habits that needs to go all the negative self-talk the limiting belief anger fear hurt sadness guilt trauma. All the stuff that gets accumulated needs to go. That’s what I do I help people get rid of the things that they don’t want to have specific processes more recently a new process that I’m using the Rtm protocol that has just been even approved by the us veteran legion for. Ptsd removal and now it’s going to be funded by the government for Army vets to use this protocol to really disconnect rtm as the reconsolidation of traumatic memories. So this is to the extreme of the types of processes that I do but you don’t need to have been in a house on fire. Or have been in Vietnam in order to have trauma trauma can affect everybody and and this is not the extent of of what I do I’m just saying if I was like a brain dentist I help fix the cavities because a lot of people do everything. Great.
20:21.69 guywhoknowsaguy With yeah.
20:26.31 Nathalie A lot of people say I don’t really understand like I’m great like I I I get up in the morning I do my meditation I had do affirmations and then and then I I am positive and all this so it’s like you’re saying to your dentist I don’t understand like I’m brushing my teeth really really? Well I floss mouthwash like. I do everything right? well. But if you have old cavities that’s not by brushing your teeth really really well over top of the cavity that the cavity is going to go away. You need to go to the dentist and it’s perfectly normal. You’ve never told 1 of your friend what you go to the dentist. Well you have some problem. Dude. No, everybody goes to the dentist. We eat stuff. It gets stuck. It’s normal and it’s the same thing with what I do It’s perfectly. Normal. We go through stuff and the more stuff we go through the more we learn and the higher we are so people whose life is happy and joy and fun all the time they don’t learn much. And they’re not foreign life usually just not and that’s what you do Michael on your podcast is as you find these people these jams went through stuff and that’s why they’re where they are now. So it’s the same thing so this whole brain dentist analogy is that.
21:20.47 guywhoknowsaguy Moments.
21:30.13 guywhoknowsaguy Commands.
21:37.35 Nathalie We need to understand that it’s perfectly normal that there are stuff. There’s baggage that we’re carrying that are that’s just simply holding us back and we don’t need to to to to do that and I think the reason why the processes that I use are so ah pop. Not popular or or maybe should I say I know what people say about me I know I know what my clients say they say Natalie she’s the best but she’s very expensive if you can even get her because I know you have to book way in advance because I’m busy and the reason why I’m busy is because. I do believe that talking about a problem is not going to make it. Um, it’s not going to make the ne old pathway erased and we can’t erase neural pathway and every single time you will tell your problem to somebody. Your brain does not know. It’s not happening again. So it resends 1400 chemicals through your blood screen and cortisol and lots of pollution stuff that will slow you down and and and create even more anxiety and more depression. So I don’t.
22:34.25 guywhoknowsaguy Move.
22:51.99 Nathalie Don’t talk about anything because the other part of this is that when you tell somebody a story you get cut off on the highway on your way to work and then you’re mad you get to the office and then you tell everybody at the office. Oh this dude totally cut me off and he did this and did that you just polluted. Your whole office because their brain doesn’t Know. It’s not happening to them so they shoot 1400 chemicals through their bloodstream because that’s the reason why like when you watch Tv and you’re watching a vampire movie. You’re afraid like you’re skinned in your living room. There’s no vampire in your living.
23:15.50 guywhoknowsaguy Um.
23:28.27 Nathalie Room. There’s no fun fire. It’s like they don’t even exist you know that? but hey you’re scared or everybody cries when they watch this is us because your brain does not know. It’s not happening to you So as a professional I don’t want my whole world doing this day and day out to be polluted by people’s problems. So.
23:29.30 guywhoknowsaguy Yep.
23:47.54 Nathalie I don’t believe in in laying down on a couch and crying and telling your whole life and talking about all your problems. So the process of that I do are very effortless. We don’t talk about anything everything is happening in your head. We. We move forward. We don’t go Back. We don’t move Back. We move forward. So it’s very um, very effortless and that’s why now the there’s so many organizations that are backing the the scientific process that was created for specifically for the Rtm protocol. But. 1 of the processes that I use so long story short you asked. Um, how do you talk to that personal assistant. So First you have to know what you want the d desire then the N is for new you you have to gut out the old kitchen so you have to. Get rid of all the things that are not serving you anymore and then the the last step is the a for actualized That’s when you start implementing new habits and and start creating your new life. So the 1 of the way that. You can start doing that right away is by starting to observe all your thoughts and I’ll give you that 2 step technique that I mentioned so first you need to. Repeat what you just heard in the past so let’s say you hear yourself say oh I’m so stressed out and then you’re like oh no I was on the guy who knows a guy podcast and this girl I could even speak friend. This couldn’t be speak english or she mentioned that that I have a personal assistant suspend in my head. And now I just told my person assistant that I wanted to be stressed out wait a minute I don’t want you to write this down scratch it scratch it from the Notepad please. So how do you do that so you catch yourself think something that you don’t want to happen. You’re like whoa okay stressed out you repeat it in the past with I use to. Step number 1 repeat it in the past I used to be stressed out all the time. So like people create affirmations and I’m sorry to say that but affirmations don’t work unless you believe them and.
26:06.95 guywhoknowsaguy Who yeah.
26:09.51 Nathalie And you know if I work with the think yourself thin program with clients that are highly overweight. It’s not going to work for me to say okay look at yourself with the mirror a smile and say I am thin because their brains like oh no, we’re not and then if I work with the think yourself wealthy program clients that are in deep financial struggles and I say okay put your hands.
26:19.61 guywhoknowsaguy The.
26:28.56 Nathalie And your hips and say I am rich because your brain’s like no, we’re not so your your personal assistant is listening with their notepad and says what’s she talking about? Ah, we must be watching a vampire movie va empires don’t exist I’m not listening to this. This is not even on my list. Whatever this is crap so you need to. First attract the attention of your personal assistant by repeating the thought in the past saying oh I used to be stressed out all the time. So your personal assistant is going to be like oh stressed out I got it on my list right? here? Yes, you’re talking to me. Oh but why are you talking about this in the past are we done with this and then. It’s time for step number 2 step number 2 is a progressive statement. It starts with I am willing to learn or I’m in the process of so I’m so stressed out oh wait I used to be stressed out all the time now I’m willing to learn.
27:15.53 guywhoknowsaguy Um.
27:25.60 Nathalie How to create a balanced life for myself now I’m in the process of taking a deep breath and trusting that I can figure this out so say what you want so then your personal assistant is going to write that down. Oh we’re not doing this anymore. We’re not stressing out. Oh we’re willing to learn how to build a balanced life. Oh let me work on this. Let me help you build the balance licenses. That’s what you want on the list now. So it’s very important to acknowledge all your thoughts as you catch them rephras them in the past and create a progressive statement and the key is progressing always even when even when you face set backs see sometimes things will happen right? and and we have objectives we have goals. We have things that are important to us. But let’s say let’s see you’re driving home one night and it’s just going home after work and there’s a tree blocking the road to get to your house. So are you going to turn around and say oh well I’m I’m never going to get home again. Well that’s too bad I really like my spouses and and and my children I’m never going to see them again. Have to get remarried and have to buy a new house and new furniture. No way right? like you’re you’re not gonna like you’re gonna walk home or you’re gonna get a chaina cut the tree or you’re going to take another route and you’re goingnna get to your house There’s no tree that would get you to abandoned your family and your home right? And that’s that’s the problem.
28:53.58 guywhoknowsaguy Right.
28:57.96 Nathalie People abandon their dream that dream that you have on the back burner. The first tree blocks the whole the home and they say ah that’s not for me no doesn’t matter I tried you know like we need to to make it so compelling. And knowing why we’re doing what we’re doing so that if there’s a tree blocking the road. We keep going just like infants like you’ve seen infants trying to walk over and over There’s no infant that ever said no, that’s nots for me. Oh doesn’t matter I’m just going to crawl like they they they keep getting up. And we all have this inside of us. We were all infants at 1 point so we’ve done it before we’re able to get back up and the problem is people don’t take the time to go through all the 6 layers of the brain and that’s. That’s part of the dna system I go through 2 different layers in each of the ddn and the a so um, the the 6 level is your purpose. It’s your why it’s it’s who else are you serving beyond yourself and most times we don’t even know that. We don’t we don’t understand and the 1 question you can ask yourself is what does that do for me with repetition until you get to the the deeper part. So okay, so you want to build your business. What does that do for you? Well if I build my business I’ll have more clients. Okay, what does that do for you to have more clients.
30:29.53 guywhoknowsaguy No.
30:31.65 Nathalie Well, if I have more clients then I’ll be able to reinvest and make my business bigger. Okay, what will that do for you if your business is bigger. Well I’ll actually make money. Okay, what does that do for you to make money. Well I’ll be able to provide for my family. Okay, what does that do for you to provide for your family. Well now you’re starting to get there. Now, you’re starting to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing because you keep asking the question to dig further and further to figure out what really is important to you and what what drives you there’s different personality style. Not everybody is driven by the same things.
30:51.75 guywhoknowsaguy Are.
31:07.40 Nathalie and and I always do a value interview with my clients first to figure out hey wait a minute. What is really important to you about this topic or about relationships or about money or about your career or no matter what they are coming to me for right.
31:24.60 guywhoknowsaguy Yeah I I love that exercise too there. There’s a ah website which basically does that it’s it’s called 7 levels deep. But basically you type in the thing you want and it says why and you type in something and you hit enter and this is why and you something else and say why it basically does that for you. But i.
31:26.29 Nathalie We have to know what what we want.
31:43.24 guywhoknowsaguy I Went through that exercise earlier in my business and I got to and you know at the top I was like I want more clients I want more prospect something and at the bottom was I want to spend more time with my daughter and I realized I don’t need more clients this moment more time My daughter I just need block out time on the calendar.
31:52.27 Nathalie Ah, no.
31:59.79 guywhoknowsaguy But but not realizing that I was blocking out that you know I was using up all my time to to prospect and work and market and do all these things and had no time for her because you know I’ll do that when I get there when I get the business but not realizing I could go there right now I could do it right now but you have to skit you have to realize what’s at the bottom of that.
32:09.48 Nathalie There is no there. Yeah.
32:16.54 Nathalie Yes, yes, absolutely there is no there I Love this I Love this. Thank you for sharing that it’s so powerful. There is no there. Yeah.
32:18.15 guywhoknowsaguy At the bottom of the chest there. Yes, but that’s a huge exercise I Love that.
32:25.46 guywhoknowsaguy Yeah, yeah, and and also I like just head about affirmations because I remember I had I had someone try to tell me to use affirmations and and exactly what you said it didn’t didn’t feel right because because you know to say I’m I’m making 20000 dollars a month but oh I’m not. And and it’s this immediate wall of like but you’re not not I’m working on it I’m learning how to I’m worth you know all those are can be true but I’m making 20000 dollars a month no not like you can say I am but it’s a lie and it did no.
32:55.19 Nathalie No, we not.
33:03.42 guywhoknowsaguy It’s just not a thing. So yeah I I Love this concept of of replacing you know that that that I I am I am rich I am thin be replaced with I used to be something and now I’m willing to learn something so I used to be stressed out I’m willing to learn to take things as they come.
33:12.73 Nathalie Yeah, yeah, and yeah, yeah, and and it’s and it’s a strategy of it’s so easy to do Michael I totally agree we have.
33:23.30 guywhoknowsaguy And that’s that that’s a fantastic strategy and and so easy to do too.
33:32.62 Nathalie 1 day 1 of my client left my office and saying oh wow Thank you so much blah blah blah you’re so amazing and I wish I met you when I was 5 years old and it dawn on me. Oh my gosh. That’s right I need to create a children’s program that was about 5 years ago so thing is I was not a kid specialist. So I contacted the person that I knew 33 years of experience as a teacher I’m like okay so we’re going to work together and we created the adventures of captain vick and it’s such a fun program for kids from kindergarten to grade 3 we sell that in many schools that are the teacher goes through the program and we we now later we’ve created the parents version so you can do that at home with your child. It’s 20 7 animations. It’s cartoons. You see captain miserable going through. An adventure and then there’s you know, rocks around the island and he said oh I hope I don’t hit the rocks and then there’s their little parrot mizzy that movie ah hit the rocks ah hit the rocks and then of course captain miserable hits the rocks right? But like ah that representation of that personal assistant is the parrot and then captain vick.
34:40.63 guywhoknowsaguy Um, yeah.
34:48.29 Nathalie We’ll go through the same adventure and then captain vick will say whoo I have to steer away from the rocks and then the parrot will say but away from the rocks ah away from the rocks so that so then captain vick will steer away from the rocks and get to the Allen to find the treasure. So.
35:03.20 guywhoknowsaguy Me.
35:03.80 Nathalie It’s all cartoons animation. It comes with ah an educational manual with questions to ask the kids to make sure that they noticed that captain miserable padicked and captain vi did his awesome technique and breathe and is using the magic words I am willing to learn are the magic words for captain vick because. You see captain and sometimes captainvi is a girl and sometimes it’s a boy so in that 1 captain picks a girl. She’s trying to play the Harmonica and it’s not working. She’s bad at it and and she keeps trying so teaches perseverance it teaches self-esteem and it’s so easy to learn so fiveyear old. Get it. The I am willing to learn.
35:30.19 guywhoknowsaguy This.
35:40.69 guywhoknowsaguy I Love it.
35:42.61 Nathalie And they’re using the concept all the time. So if it works for 5 years old I think we’re going to be okay, it.
35:46.54 guywhoknowsaguy Yeah I really like that and and so I used to be a driving instructor years ago and interesting. Interesting talk about the rocks is that is literally true and driving. Um, you know when driving and on clear roads. You can look at the billboard look at whatever but in ah in an emergency at the car’s skidding. What most people do is they look at the guard rail they look at the the abutment and they say I hope I don’t hit the guardrail and they tell their brain guardrail and the brain says okay guardrail you got a boss and into the guardrail and so the you know could be a lot of steer into the steer into the ski of stro ski the most important thing is look where you want to go. So if you’re on the Highway. You want to put your eyes as far down the road as possible. Your brain will do the calculations to turn the wheel in the skid out of the skid. Whatever and recover if it’s physically possible and get you down the road but it’s exactly like you say in in driving that that the thing you are looking at is the place you will go point your eyes where you want the car to go and.
36:38.57 Nathalie Ah I love this analogy Michael that’s awesome I’ve been crowned the Queen of analogies now I’m giving you my crown sir totally I love it I love it.
36:41.66 guywhoknowsaguy And you know, yeah yes, ah hu yeah yeah, yeah, because it’s it’s literally true. It’s 1 of those things where you know you think of as a metaphor and they’re like no the science backs it up. That’s actually how we teach driving. Um.
36:56.95 Nathalie Ah ha.
36:59.21 guywhoknowsaguy Ah, you you will hit the rocks If you’re looking at the rocks. So that’s as you so where can people find the that that captain where can I find for my daughter that Captain Vick story.
37:07.49 Nathalie So go to think yourself dot Com Slash Vic think yourself dot Com Slash Vick and V I see V I see yeah and then you get you can choose when you get there between parents or teachers. There’s a free trial that you can get there.
37:13.15 guywhoknowsaguy That v I see or bs e k g I see awesome. Got this 1
37:27.10 Nathalie Um, at that that same address. It’s it’s It’s really fun. It’s really fun. Yeah yes.
37:29.51 guywhoknowsaguy Yeah, that sounds great So this has been fantastic. Some really simple things to implement there. Really good stuff which always makes for a good podcast because people can just take it and and learn from it and go off in their life without having to you know, take copious notes which they’re not because they’re driving with of the podcast least I do.
37:40.94 Nathalie I fly. Oh yeah.
37:49.17 guywhoknowsaguy Um, so this has been great hopefully looking at the road not at the bridge abutment so staying saying safe and traveling. We’re learning how to drive and how to think life is good. So do you have any final last words you like to leave and also how can people get in touch with you.
37:52.70 Nathalie Ah, exactly so.
38:02.46 Nathalie Um, there’s 1 thing that because I was mentioning how we learn from from children. Um, and maybe I can end with this lesson that I’ve learned from kids in haiti. Um.
38:12.55 guywhoknowsaguy And.
38:18.31 Nathalie Especially with what’s happening right now I don’t know if you’ve read the news this morning but it’s not going well there. Um, it has been for a number of years. Our teams have not been able to go for 2 or 3 years but one night I was there so I don’t need to tell you haiti is 1 of the poorest countries in the world and um.
38:19.41 guywhoknowsaguy Um, yeah.
38:38.29 Nathalie I was sitting in the courtyard with the kids teaching them the circle of excellence. So I don’t know if you know this technique you draw a circle on the ground imaginary when you don’t feel good. You step in that circle you power pose and it makes you feel better so they’re listening. They’re attentive. They love to learn and Angelina asks.
38:48.64 guywhoknowsaguy Okay.
38:57.20 Nathalie Okay I get the circle but when do we go in the circle again I said well you know when you don’t feel good when you’re when you’re not happy. So she thinks about it and she says huh aren’t we happy all the time. So I’m like um I don’t know what to say I’m just about to cry and I’m like.
39:09.39 guywhoknowsaguy Second.
39:16.75 Nathalie Ah, you know like ah you guys don’t worry about this technique. You don’t need this here. This is just for us in Canada you know when we’re not happy would do this and yeah, I’m not so I’m not proud of my answer but that’s what I came up with on this fall. So juvali 1 of the Twin brothers grabs my hand and he says hu. You’re not happy in canada you have everything in Canada so of course now I’m bawling and because I’m bawling he gives me a big hug and all the kids join in to hug me to console me because poor me. I am not happy in Canada. So if these little human beings that have nothing that live in 1 of the worst countries in the world can be happy all the time I think we’re going to be okay I think we’re going to figure it out.
40:07.61 guywhoknowsaguy Um I love it. That’s a great story.
40:12.44 Nathalie Think we’re gonna be fine Michael we are awesome and we all have a brain and if if I’m happy to give all your audience a free fifteen minute call with me so you wouldd go to thinky stuff dot com slash schedule. So I’m happy to sometimes we fix a lot of things in fifteen minutes
40:23.33 guywhoknowsaguy Nice.
40:29.60 Nathalie That’s not a sales pitch. It’s a I’m helping you during fifteen minutes and we can fix a lot of things in fifteen minutes so take advantage of that thinkousofve dot com slash schedule and there’s there’s a lot of little things that can happen in our brain that will have. Such a huge impact for the rest of our life. Definitely.
40:51.14 guywhoknowsaguy That’s amazing. Well thank you so much for sharing that and sharing the the fifty minute call I’m sure you know given that in in forty minutes you’ve shared a whole lot with us I imagine fifteen minutes working someone 1 ne-on 1 you can do quite a bit for them as well. So it’s been great having you on the show and that’s thinkyourself dot com slash schedule. Get fifteen minutes with naie and thank yourself. Dot com slash vic to get the the captain vic stories for your kids I’ll definitely be looking at that because my daughter starting to get some of those negative habits and the I’m so stupid I’m like oh so saying that I think that’ll be great. Great tool for us. So thank you for being on here.
41:09.13 Nathalie Yeah, yeah.
41:17.26 Nathalie Ah, exactly yes and there’s ah if you want to add to the list think yourself dot Com Slash confidence guide I do have a confidence guide that could be useful. It includes the.
41:30.55 guywhoknowsaguy Ah.
41:36.30 Nathalie Twostep technique in it if you wanted to have a ah reminder of that 2 step technique and it includes lots of different questions with the 6 layers of the brain. So think you sub dot com slash confidenceguide that that’s free as well.
41:44.98 guywhoknowsaguy Awesome! Even even more good stuff. Well thank you so much. Thank you for being on the show and sharing so generously with all your your knowledge and experience and it has been great to get to know you.
41:55.88 Nathalie Thank you so much my call for inviting me.

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