Upcoming Events

Confidence on Camera Five-Day Challenge – January 23-27th at 1 PM Eastern
(only 5-30 minutes per day)

People have asked me for years to teach them how they can have the confidence I do on camera. On January 23rd, I’ll share with you the exercises and practices I used to develop my confidence on camera and technique. Strapped for time? You’ll get the exercise in the first 5 minutes, so you can do it in 5 minutes a day.

Free to participate

Stress-Free Summit Workshop – February 7th

You may have noticed I run a lot of summits. How do I do it without going crazy.

I have a system, and I’ll be teaching that system at a free workshop on February 7th at 3 PM Eastern time.

EntrepreNERD Episode VI: The Return of the Summit – February 13th

If you have a sword, a dragon, a spaceship or a TARDIS in your office, then you must participate in The EntrepreNERD Summit. Learn, network, and grow at one of the most enjoyable virtual summits you will ever attend.

Free to participate

Authentic JV Email Blueprint Class – Thursday, February 23th at 5 PM Eastern

There is a myth that email has to be cold and impersonal. There is a myth that promoting partners will cause people to leave your list. Learn how to use email to authentically build a community, promote partners, and do it in a way that provides your value that your community will thank you for.

$97 to participate (free for EMC Members)

Entrepreneur Launch Party – Monday, February 13th at 5-6:30 PM Eastern

Celebrate your past successes, and build your next round of accomplishments with hotseat coaching by the incredible Mentors of the Entrepreneur Mentor Community.

Free for EMC Members and guests are welcome to come free one time

Plan 3 Months in 2 Hours – Thursday, March 30th at 5 PM Eastern

In just two hours, I planned out my entire quarter. Not just in general, but down to the day, with each day through March having specific action items to achieve my objectives and goals. Give me two hours, and you’ll leave with the same plan in place for you.

$97 to participate (free for EMC Members)

Other upcoming Summits to watch for (All are 11 AM to 5 PM Eastern)

  • Get Stuff Done Marketing Summit, Co-hosted by Divian Mistry – March 4th
  • Neurodiversity Superpowers Summit – March 10th
  • Coach Elevation Summit, Co-hosted by Mitch Russo – April 3rd
  • EntrepreNERD, Episode I: The Phantom Summit – April 17th

Want me to run a summit for you? I can do that.