International Entrepreneurs Service Club

After 6 years as as Rotarian and with over 20 years of building communities and organizations, I have found that there is a tremendous power in people coming together to do good. I have also discovered certain group dynamics which are common in such organizations which can distract from and even suppress the mission of the organization.

Recently, I shared a TikTok on the topic of the difficulties that legacy programs create for established service and community organizations, and after reading over 1000 comments, I realized that there is a great desire among people to be able to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. Unfortunately too many organizations do not welcome their contributions.

At the same time, I am growing the Entrepreneur Mentor Community, and I am bringing together brilliant, ambitious, impact-driven entrepreneurs.

I thought, what if we create a platform for all these entrepreneurs and all these people out these motivated to do good which is focused on facilitating their projects, offering support with as little friction as possible.

A place to inspire, share experience, share resources, networks, introductions, and more to empower each member to make the difference they wish to make in the world.

This organization is the International Entrepreneurs Service Club.

The International Entrepreneurs Service Club is founding as a service organization to leverage the entrepreneurial energy and talents of its members to do good work around the world.

The intention is for the IESC to become a Rotary E-Club in order to connect our talents and resources to the 1.2 million members and considerable resources for good of Rotary International.

The IESC is built to be a platform for the good works of our members. Any member may propose a project, and, so long as it does not require money or limited resources, the member may pursue the project under the banner of the organization. Our intention to provide the maximum support with the minimum friction to the good work of all of our members.

Full voting members will need to pay an annual membership fee of $200 and monthly dues of $25. The monthly dues will go to an operating fund which the membership will use to seed projects and write grants. These will only begin after we affiliate with Rotary.

Those who wish to participate but are unable to pay will be welcomed as Associate Members who can participate in all projects, but will not be able to vote or initiate projects.

Questions can be directed to Michael Whitehouse at

To become a member or express interest in following our progress, fill out the form below.