Make Today That Day

Make today the day to make something happen. You don’t have to have something already planned. You are going to change the world, even if it’s in what seems like a small way. Embrace that, and do the thing today!

What is Greatness?

Do you listen to this podcast and think that you aren’t meant for greatness? Because you are. Your greatness doesn’t mean you have to be famous, or that you’re going to go down in history. But you do have greatness that will change someone’s world, and that’s important to remember.

Trash or Treasure

How often do you pass something by, thinking it’s trash? What would happen if you gave it a chance? Are you just letting things pass you by? If you are, imagine what you might be missing. What looks like trash might actually be exactly what you need.

The Other Days

You’re meant for greatness every day. Even if nothing seems to be going right, you’re meant for greatness. This low day is probably setting you up for your greatness to shine even brighter tomorrow.

Make Mistakes and Move On

Everyone makes mistakes. Who cares? Move on to the next thing. If you haven’t made any mistakes, you aren’t taking any chances. Take those chances and use the greatness you have to better yourself and the world. Go for it.

You Keep Doing You

Don’t be a jerk, but do live in your greatness. You’re going to offend someone. But other people’s opinions of you are none of your business. If you try to do the right thing and work towards making positive changes, then you do you. So if someone is trying to drag you down, they’re jealous of everything you’re doing. Their criticism is only a reflection on themselves. Let it roll off your back!

What is Possible?

Anything is possible. Don’t be afraid of your potential. You might be able to make a difference, and that sounds scary. But it shouldn’t be. Yes, there’s responsibility, but taking that responsibility means you’re believing in the great things you can do!

Follow Your Own Dream

There are many people who, while wanting what’s best for you, likely have their own ideas about what your goals should be. But their opinions on your goals don’t matter. The only opinion that matters on your goals is yours. It’s your life, and your dreams; do what makes you happy.

You Can’t Sprint All the Time

Why do we count down to arbitrary moments? Because you can’t sprint all the time. You can try, but you’re going to wear yourself out. You need to commit to a date to let the greatness within you out! Let it change the world!


Imagine the future. What are your goals? Imagine yourself when you’ve achieved those goals. Imagine even further; to your funeral. Look at all the people that are there, because you changed the world. What will you do today to make that future happen?