Worry About Yourself First

Focus on what is going to allow you to get more resources. Imagine being able to help a person who needs it. Imagine having resources that generate more assets than you need. You can do that! Focus on building your resources. Change your own circumstances and you’ll be able to do more. You cannot help the poor by being one of them. You have the power to make yourself greater.

Hot Summer by Frank Schröter

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Live Your Greatness

If you are living your greatness, you will have passion. So stopping is no longer an option. Get yourself to a place where the idea of stopping what you’re doing is abhorrent. If you want to stop or take a break, you’re on the wrong path. When you get to where you have the passion for what you’re doing, working no longer feels like work. Setting your intentions might be hard, but the universe will hear you and help you get there.

Saschas Things by Sascha Ende

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That Little Voice is Asking the Wrong Question

Sometimes you have a little voice in your head that questions your importance. But turn those questions around. You’ve been given a unique obligation to use your greatness to make the world a better place. You’re the only person who can use your greatness, and if you give up forever, you’ll let the world down. Falling down is okay, but you have to get back up and keep going.

Driving to the Night by Frank Schröter

Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/8085-driving-to-the-night

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Passion Is a Must

You must have passion for what you’re doing. You’re going to fail multiple times before you get it right. Without passion, those failures would result in you giving up. But every failure becomes a lesson if you have the passion for what you’re doing, and giving up never even crosses your mind. With passion, you’re going to make what you’re doing go somewhere.

A Life Full Of Happiness by MusicLFiles

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Assets vs Liabilities

An asset is something that generates money while a liability costs money. While that’s not the accounting definition, this thinking suits our message today. Rich people tend to invest their money while poor people put their money into things that they think are assets, but end up being liabilities (like houses). So put your resources into things that will get you additional resources.

From Heaven To Hell by Frank Schröter

Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/7827-from-heaven-to-hell

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No One Can Make You

No one can make you do something you don’t want to do. They might be able to make you want to do something, but only your choice causes you to do it. You might think you don’t have a choice. But you always have a choice. Not making a choice is a choice. Only you can make you do anything. Don’t be complicit and let people walk on you or hold you back. Discover amazing power by making your choices for you.

A Competitive Technology For The Future by MusicLFiles

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