Friends on the TEDx Stage

I have some amazing friends, many of whom have made their way to the TED or TEDx stage. Below are just some of them. If you have a TEDx talk and we are connected, let me know and I’ll add it to the page.

Have “The Talk” to Stop Teen Suicide | Jackie Simmons | TEDxTenayaPaseo

“In the next 24 hours, over 3,000 American teens will attempt to take their own lives. According to the Center for Disease Control, 25% of American young adults are struggling with suicidal thoughts. When you watch Have “The Talk” to Stop Teen Suicide, you’ll enter into a world of deadly silences and bone-chilling revelations. Along the way, Have The Talk to Stop Teen Suicide delivers the clues and keys you need to break the deadly silences and prevent the guilt-nightmare that haunts parents, classmates, teachers, and friends following a suicide attempt.

The Power of your Love Lineage & Role Models | Renée Piane | TEDxYouth@UrsulineAcademy

Renée shares her personal experience and invites the audience to examine their love lineage and role models to discover the habits and imprints that they experienced (and absorbed) from their family lineage. These unspoken beliefs cause imprints in the unconscious mind that may be influencing or holding them back from love and success. Renée teaches by becoming your own “Love Investigator” you can transform your past and create a dynamic future for generations to come.

How I became the world’s first publicly traded person | Mike Merrill | TEDxVienna

He was on my podcast, and now he’s on the TEDx stage.

There is no honour in killing | Nina Aouilk | TEDxDerryLondonderryStudio

Nina shares the incredible story of her family trying to kill her in an “honor killing” for escaping an abusive arranged marriage.

The Magic of the Meal by Dea Irby

Does the digital age threaten our connectedness? Do families still have meals that gather everyone around the table or has the magic of the meal faded? Is it generational? Is it economics? Maybe life has gotten too busy and hectic with work or children’s sports events, the business “grind’ or school activities to make time for family meals. But, history shows that a meal can make a difference. Dea Irby set out on a journey to find the magic of the meal and answer these questions. What she discovered surprised her. She will share results of the journey, her findings and process for maximizing our human experience that may lead you to new places. Dea Irby is a REALTOR© , chef, matriarch, community leader and a published author — Dea published a cookbook: “A Dollop and A Pinch: Recipes and Stories from The Baron York,” Dea has also utilized dinners and tea events as tools to solve problems and chronicle great events in history (e.g., The Titanic last supper). She is also a contributing author in Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

The Six Habits of the Happiest People by Laura DiBenedetto

After spending nineteen years chasing happiness but never finding it, Laura DiBenedetto came to a crossroads: stay safe doing more of the same and never find happiness, or face the unknown, reshape her entire perspective, and find true happiness at last. In this thoughtful talk, DiBenedetto shares the journey into happiness, the surprising discoveries along the way, and the ultimate formula for happiness that revealed a life of purpose, fulfillment, and love. Laura DiBenedetto is the number 1 Bestselling Author of “The Six Habits… Practical Tools for Bringing Your Dreams to Life”, CEO of the multiple-award-winning marketing company Vision Advertising, and curious student of life. Her mission is to positively impact one billion people and give them the accessible recipe for happiness The Six Habits makes possible, to create a better next generation.

From Confirmation Bias to A New, Higher Possibility | Kimberly Crowe | TEDxTenayaPaseo

In this thought-provoking talk, futurist Kimberly Crowe brings a poignant, humorous perspective to the sweet, seductive, human desire to be right, and makes the surprising argument that “being right” is just a fairytale we tell ourselves. Kimberly shares deep insight and research as to why we, as human beings, slip so easily into confirmation bias, giving credit to information that reinforces existing beliefs while ignoring information that conflicts with those beliefs.

Largely perceived as a negative emotion, jealousy is a feeling that many encounter, but few are taught to truly master. We get so caught up in the dark parts of jealously, that we fail to see how much light it actually holds. In her talk, depth psychologist Joli Hamilton explains the imperfect process of coming to terms with feelings of jealousy, and how we are able to use that to find within ourselves jealousy’s opposite: compersion, or feeling joy for another’s joy. Depth psychologist, AASECT certified sex educator, and life coach focuses on self-awareness, connection and communication at home and in the workplace. Joli’s presentation is titled Compersion–the Opposite of Jealousy. Two little known fun facts about Joli are that she can deadlift 283 pounds and loves the color kiwi green. She is inspired by her big, blended family of seven teenagers because they don’t give up; they tumble, get back up, dust themselves off, and make the trouble into something worthwhile—much like her clients. Joli’s striving is all about making some part of this confusing thing we call life a little bit easier to handle and a lot more interesting.