I Own My Schedule. My Schedule Does Not Own Me.

Last week, my schedule was a mess.

If you tried to book a complimentary coaching session with me, it would have been showing the first open date somewhere in mid August.

That’s no way to run a business.

Opportunities would come up, and I would not be able to take advantage of them because I was booked up. I would get great ideas and not be able to capitalize on them because there was no time left in the schedule.

Then I realized that it’s my schedule. I should own it. It should not own me.

Tomorrow, there is a very exciting masterclass by Phil Pelucha (if you haven’t listened to his Billionaires in Boxers Podcast, you should), but I couldn’t attend live because I had two calls scheduled during that time.

Couldn’t I just reschedule them? Well, I guess so, but didn’t I make a commitment to those people to speak to them?

Who resonates with this? Who else gets anxiety about rescheduling a call or meeting?

I did make a commitment to speak with them, but it’s not a blood oath to meet at that time come hell or high water. It’s a light commitment, and this particular time is the time that they chose from among those that Calendly offered.

I emailed both people, told them I needed to reschedule, and now we’ll meet later. No big deal.

I was out until 4 AM this morning. Ordinarily, I would force myself to get up early for Church, get there, be tired, be tired for the rest of the day, and possibly carry that fatigue through Monday or Tuesday.

Then it occurred to me that I could just not go.

I like going to church. I get good things from it. But if I don’t go one week, it’s okay.

Your schedule is a tool to organize your time and your productivity. Those things which do not serve you should not be on there.

This is not to say that you should cancel willy nilly, but if you need to cancel or reschedule, it’s okay to do so.

Better yet, be selective what you put on there in the first place. Before you sign up for something or agree to something, ask yourself, what purpose does this serve?

Does it benefit me financially? Socially? Spiritually? Physically? Recreationally?

If not, why is it there?

Take care of your business. Take care of your family. Take care of your friends. Take care of your obligations.

At the same time, and most importantly, take care of yourself.

Do you find that you have challenges prioritizing your time and focus in business or life? Let’s get on a complimentary coaching session (now with many more openings since I prioritized) and I can help you clarify your vision and values to give your time to the areas where you can best share your greatness with the world.

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