Podapalooza Special Episodes

On December 18th, I had the privilege of being a featured podcaster at Podapalooza. During this high energy event run by the indomitable Kimberly Crowe of Speakers Playhouse fame, I got to do rapid fire interviews with 8 fascinating guests.

I’m sharing them all with your right here, split across three episodes.

In the first part, you will meet Art Giser, Jody Maley, and Sally Gimon.

In part 2, meet Adrienne Tichy, Paula Kent, and Shiraz.

In this third part, you will meet Heather Abbott and Renee Paser-Paul.

Content Warning: We will be discussing some heavy topics including sexual assault and abuse.

Art Giser

Art Giser is the creator of Energetic NLP, a special blend of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), spiritual principles, and transformative energy work. He is an internationally renowned NLP trainer, life coach, executive coach, intuitive, master healer, and medical researcher. Art is known for his humor, caring, miraculous remote energy work, and his ability to help people release energetic and unconscious blocks and limitations and open up their miraculous abilities.

Connect with art at blockbuster7.com

Jody Maley

Jody Maley is a heart-centered sales and leadership coach.

Sally Gimon

Sally Marie Gimon holds a weekly mastermind for her Real Estate group that reaches over 800 investors. She hosts Money Secrets weekly on Win Win Women TV. She has been a featured speaker for BadA$$ Women in Business, returning guest to Investing for Success and Automate and Create Summit.


Adrienne Tichy

Known around town as Champions for the Marginalized, Jim and Adrienne Tichy have a heart for those affected by Substance and Process Addictions. Together they have built a Recovery Residence Community in Delray Beach, FL. Addiction, alcoholism and overdoses are up 40% since the start of the pandemic. Now Jim and Adrienne are speaking out for the first time about the impact of addiction on our communities.


Paula Kent

Paula Kent is an award-nominated researcher, writer and lifelong learner. From early retirement from banking to today, Paula has transformed her life. She shares her learnings in her book Heroic Choices, examining the purpose of fear as you seek to realize your dreams and change your life.



Meet Award-Winning Author, International Speaker, and Reality Shifting Specialist, Shiraz. Entrepreneurs hire him to rewrite their business stories, and with them, their reality because most people are unknowingly addicted to limiting and obsolete stories and left with a lack of success, confidence, and freedom. Shiraz helps you to eliminate, terminate, and annihilate your unconscious addiction to these stories in order to ignite a stream of high paying clients along with an abundance of free time, money, and energy.


Heather Abbott

Heather Abbott is known as the Prosperity Pro because she uses over 30 years’ expertise as a CPA, financial advisor and business owner to support her clients in creating significant shifts and results. When you have a mission or a dream that feels too big, Heather will guide you on your unique path to overcome challenges, reach your goals more easily, and make the impact you want. She is a strong woman and can tell you it is easier to have someone end their life in front of you than to be mentally abused.


Renee Paser-Paul

Renee helps sexual violence survivors create lives of love and laughter.


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