Meet with The Guy Who Knows a Guy

I am honored that you are interested in meeting me. You are in good company.

As I have become more successful as a connector, I have found that more and more people would like to meet with me, and that is wonderful. Unfortunately, the time in my week is finite, and I found myself having to schedule people out weeks and even months to find an opening.

So I had to get creative, and that is why I have created two recurring events where you can connect with me and we can talk enough to get a sense of what opportunities exist: My Open Virtual Coffee and the Connection Bonanza.

I’m looking forward to meeting you

Connection Bonanza

Many people who want to meet with me are interested in exchanging introductions. I love to do this. If you tell me what you are trying to do, how you create value in the world, and who can help you to do so, I am happy to connect you to some good people. I do not often connect people to prospects and customers, but I regularly connect people to partners, resources, vendors, and solutions.

This kind of connecting doesn’t require a whole one to one. In fact, I can learn what I need in a few minutes, so I created the Connection Bonanza. I bring together as many as 10 people who will share with me what they do and how I can help. I make 0-3 introductions. They also often make good connections with other folks in the room.

Then, if we find it makes sense to have a one to one, we can schedule that.

To sign up to attend a Connection Bonanza, click here.

Open Virtual Coffee

Almost every Friday at 10 AM Eastern, I open a Zoom room for an open virtual coffee.

This is a bit more informal than the Connection Bonanza. It’s an open group call, so we never know who will be there, but it’s a good chance to drop in and talk for a few minutes to identify if there are opportunities to work together further, if a private call makes sense, and how we can make the world better together.

To attend an Open Virtual Coffee, click here.