Just Get Started

I can’t start yet because…   When we are starting something new, we become very creative. We think of every possible reason why we are not ready.   I can’t start yet because the web site is not finished. I can’t start yet because I don’t know enough. I can’t start yet because I haven’t fully identified my customer. I can’t start yet because the walls need to be repainted.   I often ask my clients this question: If a customer were to show up at your door today with cash in their hand ready to hire you, could you take the money.   Some are surprised to realize that they can’t. They get so caught up in the web site or the marketing funnel or the logo or whatever else that they have not done the first things first. They have not done the things that allow things to begin.   If you are starting a business, the best thing to do is to get started. Start working with clients. Start selling to customers. Just start.   You will learn more in one month of working with actual customers than in ten years of preparation. You will get more market awareness working with actual customers as well.   It’s the same with any other project as well. The best way to write a book is to start writing.   This doesn’t mean you should not prepare. The best way to start a hike is not to just start walking. It is to start packing. But the important thing is that you need to start taking action.   Start taking action, whatever that means for your project. Just start taking action.  

Music Credit: Driving to the Night by Frank Schröter Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/8085-driving-to-the-night License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

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