Basile Lemba, The Networking Institute

We have a serious problem in that we have never been taught how to properly network (Compare that to car driving) and this is costing us a lot of money. This is confirmed by the fact that the IRS reports that only 6 % of the businesses in the USA achieve a 6-figure annually!

Basile Lemba made “Networking” the work of his life! Through years of research, study, testing he succeeded in creating the proprietary “5 steps to Profitable Networking” Method.

He now teaches coaches, consultants and small business owners and others how to multiply their revenues and build a 6-7 figure business through his proprietary “5 steps to Profitable Networking” Method.

You will now discover how to maximize your networking efforts so you can more easily achieve financial success while growing through the personal development opportunities strong relationships can provide.

Realizing that effective networking can dramatically improve people’s quality of life, Basile also provides consulting services and group programs. He is the founder of the Networking Institute and, runs the BL Networking Breakfast Club now for 17+ years.

Basile Lemba

International Leading Authority in Networking

CEOFounder of the Networking Institute and BL Networking Breakfast

Executive Producer, Author, Coach, Speaker, Host.


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