Chris Nielson, Say Yes to Speaker Success

Chris Nielson combines more than 30 years of business and sales experience, with his love of improvisational comedy to both entertain and educate global audiences. He is a dynamically powerful, yet playful speaker, trainer, change facilitator, coach, and consultant.

He is certified Awakened Coach and Positive Intelligence Coach.

He is the Founder of Speaker Skills Plus (A playful place of inevitable success to grow your speaking skills)

Leaders and teams at Microsoft, Hilton, Federal Reserve Bank, UCSD, Sony, and many more have shared laughs and memorable experiences as Chris masterfully creates engaging environments through games.

He turns the “Great Resignation” into the Great Engagement!

Audience members walk away with tools to improve cooperation, communication, creativity, collaboration, and leadership in the organizations and in their lives.

Book recommendation: Mindset by Carol Dweck

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