Janette Burke, Media Personality, Mentor & Trainer, Publicist

Executive Producer, Janette Burke Productions, Host/Creator of the 4-time award-winning online lifestyle show Janette’s TV and Janette’s TV Podcast (in Season 11, with over 500 aired episodes), Media Personality, Mentor & Trainer and Former Publicist, Janette Burke left the studios behind with only 700 Facebook followers to build a world-wide audience of over 5 million. Having interviewed countless A-list celebrities, thought-leaders, game-changers, influencers, and experts in various fields, she knows what it takes to assume the spotlight and effectively spread your message. In addition to interviewing, Janette Media Mentors & Trains CEOs, C-Suite Level executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, book authors, speakers and content creators who as the face of their business and brand, want to garner more media attention. learn how to tell & sell their story in soundbites, improve their presentation, performance & co Janette Burke – Founder, Executive Producer, Host/Creator Janette’s TV & Podcast, Media Mentor and Trainer



A four-time award-winning online lifestyle TV Show and Podcast watched and listened to by women and men across the globe in the 30-55 age category, Janette’s TV & Podcast is the premier online platform busy people flock to live life their way. Currently in Season 11 with over 500 aired episodes and a 5 million+ following, Janette’s TV & Podcast episodes and segments feature A-list celebrities, thought-leaders, game-changers, influencers, and experts in various lifestyle fields. This includes sponsors who have completed Janette’s Sponsor Spotlight Package as well as graduates of Janette’s Media Training Academy & 8-Week Training Course who have received her extensive Media Training. From fashion to finance and food, hot topics, entertainment, real estate, home décor, dating, relationships, sex, health, aging, business, leadership, money, must-have products and everything in-between, the actors/musicians/entertainers, CEO’s, founders, executives, business owners, coaches, consultants, speakers, book authors and content creators we feature delve into an array of relevant subjects that our viewers and listeners want to know about, as well as inspire them with their stories and products.

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