Kelly Renee Schutz

Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz is no stranger to encountering paranormal-unexplained “extraterrestrial” phenomena.

Known as an “experiencer,” she has had more than 100+ paranormal and 3-4 perceived extraterrestrial encounters since the age of 9. Situations that bring many questions.

An open-minded sensitive-intuitive-empath, Dr. Schutz was thrust into paranormal discovery by her mid-thirties becoming “a student” of controversial and unexplained observations. She has unlimited stories.

Kelly feels the reason the unexplained is attracted to her is because of her high energy frequency and ability to openly communicate. She also has clairaudient & telepathic abilities.

Dr. Schutz, a Minnesota native, hosts and produces a highly ranked (top 1-5) show called Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series heard on various platforms. She also runs her shows on the Para-X Radio Network (Philadelphia, PA). An unconventional approach, she has entertained thousands w/nearly 100 episodes noting 200,000+ downloads (to date).

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