Nicole Majik, The Alchemy of Transformation

Nicole Majik has an interesting and extensive background with a bachelors degree in Biology/Chemistry, a Masters in Metaphysics and experience as a Financial Advisor. She is an accomplished leadership and empowerment strategist and educator, and has created a highly effective, life-transforming empowerment program: The Alchemy of Transformation™.  She awakens your true potential by erasing limiting beliefs and showing you how to live a life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love.

Nicole has appeared on various radio shows, local TV, as a keynote speaker for international conferences and has even appeared on the Travel Channel for Greatest Mysteries:  Smithsonian as well as Beyond the Unknown.

Using the strategic formulas of her empowerment program, The Alchemy of Transformation™, along with CBT and NLP techniques, she helps you permanently erase self-sabotaging beliefs and  transform your obstacles into the opportunities to achieve the success you desire!







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Michael Whitehouse 00:00.00 Welcome to the guy who knows a guy podcast I'm your host Michael Whitehouse the guy who knows a guy himself and we have today a returning guest and Nicole magic nicole shared her amazing superhero origin story back in episode number 69 that you can find if you scroll all the way back in the archives. And it is quite a story that we're not going to go into detail on here. So if you want to hear it go back to episode 69 ah but the the upshot of it is is after being exposed to mercury she develop superpowers that helps her to help people breaklimenting beliefs and change the way they interact with the universe. Basically that pretty describe them.

Nicole Majik 00:37.24 Pretty much I guess.

Michael Whitehouse 00:38.10 Nicole all right? So so so what do you do has about a year since you've been on the show. So so what do you do now? What's your focus and how are you changing the world.

Nicole Majik 00:46.90 My main focus is always empowering other people to step into their truth passion and purpose and I do that through erasing limiting Beliefs helping people overcome obstacles and turn them into opportunities.

Michael Whitehouse 00:58.84 I. So for those not familiar with the term I mean limiting Beliefs kind of is self-describing. It's a belief that limits you but what exactly is a limiting belief. The the technical definition of that.

Nicole Majik 01:13.97 Ah well technically a limiting belief is is a belief that causes your life to be less than completely satisfying. That's the best way to put it I think right? and I really think that limiting beliefs are.

Michael Whitehouse 01:24.70 Okay.

Nicole Majik 01:30.88 Ah superfood for your fears.

Michael Whitehouse 01:34.39 It's a good description I like that and and so they're also they're kind of like the beliefs that make you stop yourself even when nothing external stopping you you stop yourself internally which if you're not familiar with that. You're like some people be like wait. What do you mean? people just stop themselves. But. I'm sure you see it I see it all the time people who the opportunity is right in front of them and they just don't do it.

Nicole Majik 01:54.93 And many times they don't know why they don't do it. They want to? There's so part of them that wants to but there's some force fields of power that's holding them back right? And if you look at things in your life that you feel that there's never enough of.

Michael Whitehouse 01:58.72 Who.

Nicole Majik 02:14.50 Whether it's time money. Love space or resources and you have those patterns of feeling stuck that is because of limiting Beliefs Those are the self-s saotaging imposter Syndrome I'm not worthy I'm not lovable I'm completely Helpless. Or people can't be trusted types of beliefs.

Michael Whitehouse 02:34.35 M And yeah I imagine people listening may have heard one of those and be like hey what are you talking about me like that by name here on the show. So so somebody finds that they're having those kinds of things they're you're holding themselves back in.

Nicole Majik 02:44.68 Right? I do find.

Michael Whitehouse 02:53.62 And whatever way whether they recognize it or not what can be done about that.

Nicole Majik 02:56.52 Well there are many things that can be done about it. Really if you want to pluck it from the root and get rid of it entirely so that it is life changing and Permanent. You definitely want to go through a process in which does that. Specifically and it depends on where someone is like when I work with my clients I really hone in on what are the beliefs in the order in which what is their hierarchy basically which ones are making the most impact negatively. And then what are the beliefs that are coming up that we can change and turn into something that is supportive instead of that erase it replace it and then redesign your life.

Michael Whitehouse 03:45.66 And so so you mentioned the the hierarchy. So do these beliefs interlock and like 1 lead to another one and you think you're working on 1 but then another one starts getting in there.

Nicole Majik 03:54.88 Oh absolutely . It's so funny how it works because if um oh gosh it's kind of like they dovetail together many of them. Do they feed off of each other and I like to create this. Scenario where it's kind of like you've got this mob boss that's sitting there and this one that is the biggest one that started started it all. Um just has this I'm in charge kind of attitude over no matter what you do. It's always going to come back to this at some point. But then that that little boss has a couple of close cronies right? The the people that are really you know pulling the strings and helping that person that that belief be that that badass.

Michael Whitehouse 04:38.34 Um.

Nicole Majik 04:50.32 Belief and hijacking your life and then you've got all the other supportive beliefs but they're kind of minor in the game right? Maybe they're paying in and they're paying in to to support.

Michael Whitehouse 05:06.78 Um.

Nicole Majik 05:09.43 And what ends up happening is if you I like to go in and pluck that big one out or that big one and a couple of those cronies out because it disrupts a ton of different patterns because you have all these different beliefs that support a pattern So Multiple beliefs. Will support a particular pattern and if you pluck out the right ones it dismantles the pattern the behavior.

Michael Whitehouse 05:33.95 Okay now you you mentioned you know disrupt is is that part of the the resistance to changing the beliefs because obviously if you if you held onto a belief for 10 twenty thirty fifty years about not being good enough or always being broke or never having enough time or. Whatever it is I imagine there's some resistance to giving up something even something bad that you've had for a very long time.

Nicole Majik 05:58.39 Yes sometimes people are comfortably uncomfortable and they like to stay in that zone because they know it and when we're looking at those beliefs what tends to happen is if if you're ready. And you're willing to go through the process. It can be quickly and rapidly changed from the subconscious some of the things that tend to happen is we have muscle memory too right? So we do something for so long and so subconsciously. It's you're that whole feeling of when you're driving to and from work. You do it day in and day out and then you go on autopilot and say oh my gosh I'm already how many miles down the road twenty miles away and I don't remember driving any of that time. It's. Kind of the same thing that your your body goes into that autopilot mode so in order to to switch it. You've got to get into that subconscious place which is why people have so much resistance and can't seem to get there when they're trying to be conscious about it and make conscious changes.

Michael Whitehouse 07:12.74 Oh yeah yeah and and and so they're just so used to doing it. That's it. Everything's built around it and that's that's how they do it and so so you assuming you identify that that you have some kind of beliefs because I know for a lot of people. They're like that's not a living belief. It's just a fact.

Nicole Majik 07:14.44 Does that make sense.

Michael Whitehouse 07:32.38 I've always been Broke. That's a fact that's not a belief that's the reality I checked my bank account I know I'm broke I don't need some some magical coach telling me that I got a limiting belief I know I believe I and I don't have any money but I imagine someone like that's probably just not ready to receive coaching because they haven't accepted. They have a limit but but if if you recognize you have a limit or yeah limiting Belief. You know it's holding you back. What do you do.

Nicole Majik 07:58.32 What do you do? Well if you recognize that you have a limiting belief many people do because it hurts over and over and over again and at some point right? We're sick and tired of hitting our heads against the wall saying here I am again here I am again here I am again and. What do you? do you take a step and sometimes you don't know what that step is but reaching out and finding what can you do is is that first step. Um and I have different resources. There are some freebies in my member faults. Magical marketplace that you can utilize to kind of bring you through the first steps of having that awareness because it is the first step is awareness. So if you have that awareness then you can start to identify this. This is part of my 3 step air process awareness is first then you identify. Your behaviors your triggers your patterns. Whatever those things are that are creating havoc in your life and then start to reprogram or reframe those things into what you want them to become obviously there are some things along the way that you really need to get into in that. So. Conscious and sometimes it's unrecognizable many times people come to me and they say well I I want to work on this and then I start asking some questions or do an assessment with them to really get into those areas and. That's not really what they're looking to do. It's something completely different and yet through that process of that dovetailing they think it's this other thing because that's where they're aware of the pain. The most.

Michael Whitehouse 09:35.81 Um.

Michael Whitehouse 09:50.45 Um ah.

Nicole Majik 09:52.69 Because it might be something new that I'm trying to do this and I'm I'm hitting my head against the wall because you know I don't have any money in the bank I Want to build my business but I don't have any money in the bank. The problem is I need to create money I need money money money money money and that's great. But why don't you have the money. What is the belief that's holding you back from creating that abundance and prosperity in order for you to successfully build your business. What is it about you deep inside and sometimes people just find out that. You know I have imposter syndrome who am I to charge I don't value myself enough to to charge what I would have to charge to make this work and what my value and worth is and it can be a ton of different things. But once we strip through some of those layers and.

Michael Whitehouse 10:35.52 Um.

Nicole Majik 10:47.21 I'm going to use this word expose right? because oh my goodness expose that can be a trigger word in itself because oh my God I'm I'm exposed I'm vulnerable but when we do that when we open up and we can see and shine the light on what is actually there and.

Michael Whitehouse 10:55.31 Um.

Nicole Majik 11:07.17 Causing this chaos and slough it off just like that It is amazing. What happens next and the miraculous things that seem to just unfold one after another after another I love it because I love the I Love the love notes.

Michael Whitehouse 11:25.80 Yeah yeah that's great. Well and I'm reminded of ah a business coach I know who says people come and everyone says I need more leads I need more leads and need more leads and he's like all right cool. What's your closing percentage about 4% so I need more leads. He's like no you got plenty leads.

Nicole Majik 11:26.84 After.

Nicole Majik 11:42.47 Yeah perfect. Is it.

Michael Whitehouse 11:44.39 Yeah you're you're bringing them in the front door and out the back door. Um but yeah that that seems to you the pain point. Oh I must need more leads because um yeah obviously I couldn't tell more of them only I'm selling all the ones who who think they should be in the program. Um and the same thing with the limiting beliefs is I need more money. Do you need more money or do you need to fix. What's making you not have money you know's yeah um ah reminded when I I first realized I had Sciatica I'm like my leg hurts. Yeah because' only around your back but my leg hurts. Why does my leg hurt because of a back thing that doesn't make any sense my legs over here and my back's over here but I could.

Nicole Majik 12:18.16 Right.

Michael Whitehouse 12:21.71 Could stretch my leg all day long and it wouldn't help. Yeah wouldn't help with the the the quote unquote leg pain because it's a matter of going to the source of it which is which is a huge thing.

Nicole Majik 12:30.34 Absolutely and those are perfect examples of how people tend to think because certain things will hit a little bit harder. It's It's the same thing with if you have neck and shoulder pain. As soon as you start to get a massage or work some of that.

Michael Whitehouse 12:44.59 Um.

Nicole Majik 12:50.34 Stuff out all of a sudden. It's not up there. It's down below the pain is in the lower back while the pain started in the lower back but you just didn't realize it because you were so used to it. But.

Michael Whitehouse 12:59.85 Yeah yeah yeah and and so so we're talking before we started recording about the um kind of interlinked um limiting Beliefs and not little but kind of the programming. The. You know I'm goingnna I Expect to get this So I'm going to do this or especially get that in relationships where you have these cascading Beliefs. You know I do this and so you respond that way and so I'm going to respond this Way. So I'm just gonna get up to the end and hate myself right now before going through all the rigorma roll making yell of me. Um and you know to talk a little bit about how those how those get all tangled up and.

Nicole Majik 13:34.73 O Yeah those are fun I particularly love dealing with code-dependent triggers as I call them and these are to try to simplify it is if I do something because of a belief.

Michael Whitehouse 13:34.81 And how to detangle them.

Michael Whitehouse 13:43.12 M.

Nicole Majik 13:54.57 That causes me to trigger you to do something and react a certain way and then it's your reaction that is really the response the response that I'm looking for in order to make me feel bad which goes and feeds back into my.

Michael Whitehouse 14:12.54 M.

Nicole Majik 14:12.54 Self-sabotaging peace right? and makes me feel bad. Maybe maybe I do something that I know is gonna upset you subconsciously even you get upset you react a certain way you yell at me and then now I'm saying oh you know. I'm not loved you. Don't love me I you know I I I can't do anything right? Whatever whatever it is.. There's so many things that I'm not worthy of being treated with respect I'm not safe I'm not secure whatever it is that would trigger me to then feel bad. That's what I'm looking for and that's why I'm doing it Too. You're kind of like the means to the ends to make me feel bad and then we could take it another step further and now I can also blame it on you because I can be the victim and you can be the villain.

Michael Whitehouse 15:05.47 And and so do do this because it's It's what subconsciously we expect and so it's putting us in our comfort zone.

Nicole Majik 15:12.82 Yeah it's replaying a loop that that's happened in the past over and over and over again and it's just a different person. It could be a different situation but it's there are certain triggers that people have in order to come back and make themselves feel run and you know.

Michael Whitehouse 15:28.85 Okay and of course someone's doing it. They're not consciously saying you know I deserve to feel bad So I'm going to trigger you to yell at me to work my script to make me feel bad So I can be the victim. You can be the villain like no no one's.

Nicole Majik 15:32.55 You're just used.

Nicole Majik 15:41.44 Right. Right? This is ah mainly subconscious behaviors because our beliefs are so ingrained subconsciously. We're always looking to validate truths right? What things that we believe we want to validate them as true so we constantly.

Michael Whitehouse 15:47.22 Consciously having this thought right.

Nicole Majik 16:06.34 Will play out different scenarios that cause us to say see I knew it I'm not loved I'm not safe if I'm not worthy see I knew it.

Michael Whitehouse 16:16.98 But we make it that there's an amount of control if you can predict predict things if I do this you're gonna yell at me see look I can control that and it gives you your predictable world. So ah so how would someone know if they're if they're.

Nicole Majik 16:25.66 Um right.

Michael Whitehouse 16:37.90 Locked into that cycle.

Nicole Majik 16:37.84 Ah if they if you're locked into that cycle you you will feel different things of it. It really deduces down to this patterns of feeling stuck feeling that there's never enough and by that it's never enough time. Love. Whatever the case money if you're finding these spaces if they're somewhere in your life right? Let's go back to what a limiting belief is and if a limiting belief is a belief that causes your life to be less than completely Satisfying. You have patterns of. Beliefs that are keeping you in that space of being stuck. So if you can't say my life I feel in my life that I am fulfilled I am completely satisfied with it if there's something that says well it could be better by having doing or being this then there's.

Michael Whitehouse 17:17.10 Um.

Nicole Majik 17:35.10 Something there.

Michael Whitehouse 17:35.36 Okay and and so with it with the code dependent limiting beliefs where it's like 2 people whose limiting beliefs are triggering off each other it I imagine that that's that's gonna be harder to deal with because there's 2 people involved.

Nicole Majik 17:51.51 Sometimes yes and sometimes no I mean it's I'll tell you how it would be more difficult is if you are trying to control someone else in their behavior. You're not going. You're not going to be able to do that. However.

Michael Whitehouse 18:04.20 Okay yep.

Nicole Majik 18:11.21 Where it becomes easy is if you are recognizing and aware of what your responsibility is in that situation then you can change the situation to be something else. For example if if I'm if my reaction is. Triggering you to go into your own self-sabotage I can change my reaction so that it doesn't trigger you right? And if I change my reaction so it doesn't trigger you what happens Next the trigger doesn't happen.

Michael Whitehouse 18:31.51 M.

Michael Whitehouse 18:41.37 Moons.

Nicole Majik 18:48.10 Result doesn't happen and maybe your behavior changes at least with me because it may not change your belief but it will change your behavior with me because you are not getting that retrigger. Back does that make sense right.

Michael Whitehouse 19:06.49 Interesting yeah makes all size you you and you interrupt the cycle by changing your part of it so trying to change the whole system. You simply pull a piece out of the machine there. That's that's some really powerful stuff. So.

Nicole Majik 19:11.18 Yes.

Michael Whitehouse 19:22.72 So obviously we yeah were we're limited in how much time and go to I imagine you probably go on this for another you know 3 or 4 hours but we've only got 25 minutes so um if people want to get in touch with you learn more. You know follow you get more information where would they go about doing that.

Nicole Majik 19:35.80 They could go about doing that either at or my marketplace at that is MAJIK correct

Michael Whitehouse 19:46.90 And that's MAJ I k all right? and and before I let you go I do want to touch briefly on it I believe you you took a trip for a recording session recently could not bring that up on my show since.

Nicole Majik 19:59.23 I did yes. Ah absolutely Appropriate. Oh My goodness I had so much fun. It was um it was absolutely amazing because the people there were just they're my kind of people.

Michael Whitehouse 20:05.67 And made the introduction for it. Gotta open that conversation so tell me a bit about your your journey to Utah.

Nicole Majik 20:24.94 The beliefs are high and positive and always looking into this growth place and I got to I got to share some time and energy and talking with Jeff Hayes himself and Ben Greenfield

Michael Whitehouse 20:40.49 Um.

Nicole Majik 20:44.66 And we just had a great lunch Jeff Hay's personal chef prepareded lunch. It was fantastic. Even the staff um I connected at very interesting levels with all the people that were on the set off the set.

Michael Whitehouse 20:49.97 Wow.

Nicole Majik 21:03.75 That kind of stuff and it was an amazing experience of just you know going out there and really being in an empowered space and recognizing how far I had come from when I first started doing this work. On myself when I was twelve years old

Michael Whitehouse 21:21.20 Yeah and and so so is Jeff Hayes films is the the company right? Um and of course the reason that I'm I'm bringing this up is that I connected with them and they asked me to connect them with some some people who would do well in one of their their. Ah.

Nicole Majik 21:27.76 Yes yes yeah.

Michael Whitehouse 21:38.94 Like a documentary series. That's the term for it. They use.

Nicole Majik 21:39.81 Yeah a documentary series and I did a segment for their hacking happiness documentary that they're putting together and I I want to say that this is an amazing testimonial I Guess right to.

Michael Whitehouse 21:58.72 M.

Nicole Majik 21:59.93 Networking in certain ways networking in the space of non-scarcity elevating each other because you and I have been doing this little like converge Diverge Converge diverge it's like you know ah.

Michael Whitehouse 22:17.85 Ah.

Nicole Majik 22:18.42 Coil of Dna and you know hey check this out or hey be involved in this hey have you have you heard about this and just from doing those little things has turned our relationship and how we in like.

Michael Whitehouse 22:37.51 The.

Nicole Majik 22:37.58 Help each other and elevate each other in all these different ways where it's just it's it's become this really cool life dance journey of elevation and I just love it I Just can't wait to see where else it goes because. You introducing me to to them and then they asked for some people from me I gave them some people too and they're connecting with some other people and it's you and I are connecting with people all over the place.

Michael Whitehouse 23:06.70 Yeah what? And and that that's what I say you know with networking is 1 plus one equals eleven because about finding those those opportunities and and you know having the the abundant mindset and not thinking you know I could be like well I'm gonna get her on there but I need to make sure I get got get a piece of something. Um of course you.

Nicole Majik 23:13.55 Um yeah.

Michael Whitehouse 23:26.90 You'd made an introduction for me last year that led to an event that led to me getting to know all kinds of other people and all kinds of other opportunities. So yeah the the reciproster is already built in there but but with plenty of other people I introduce. They maybe haven't done anything for me. But I provide the value first. And then I'll figure it out later and for longest time that that led to me being the most popular uber driver in town because you do eventually need to have a business around it but not everything has to immediately monetize and immediately get get that that payback.

Nicole Majik 23:44.11 Right.

Nicole Majik 23:58.67 Yeah and and it Also there's there's a ah piece on it of sometimes it's not necessarily directly from that person but they might even just in passing say hey you should check out this podcast.

Michael Whitehouse 24:08.68 Me.

Nicole Majik 24:17.57 And then that podcast turns into hey I'm connecting with this other person or with you and it turns into this roundabout thing and it's just it can be so complex yet. So simple at the same time.

Michael Whitehouse 24:27.11 Um.

Michael Whitehouse 24:34.84 Yes yeah well and and getting back to what you're talking about limiting Beliefs I think one of the the crucial things because if you network but you have limiting beliefs around money and resources and time and opportunity you will create tremendous opportunities for everyone around you and not do I think of yourself.

Nicole Majik 24:34.85 And that's really what life is like.

Michael Whitehouse 24:53.41 But and in some reasonve as I've thought more about myself my networking in the beginning I think came from a place of of ah imposter syndrome or something on those lines that I'm thinking if somebody meets with me they have there waste their time I had nothing to offer I don't know anything but you know what I do have. Some introductions so I'm going to make some introductions just kind of put my thumb on the scale to be like this is valuable right? I introduced you to 3 people I mean I'm just this guy but I introduced you to these 3 really cool people. So Now you can never say I wasted your time and and you know kind of from there. It developed to like wait a minute the introductions. You know that's not the bonus. That's not the frosting. That's the cake. That's the business.

Nicole Majik 25:34.00 Yeah I think about it as back in the day nobody could actually use the telephone telephone without that operator and that's you connecting.

Michael Whitehouse 25:42.75 Ah yep yeah but but essential you realize it came from place of insecurity and then it became the value. No.

Nicole Majik 25:54.50 Yeah isn't that amazing and how beautiful that is and how it unfolds and the awareness that you have had along the way. Love it.

Michael Whitehouse 26:03.16 It is. It's pretty cool. Yeah interesting to to look back and be like wow that that that happened fast for moving from there to here that was yeah it's been two years since the pandemic started and.

Nicole Majik 26:14.80 Yep.

Michael Whitehouse 26:22.18 A long time and a short time. So it's a hell of a thing. Um holy Mackerel Wow that that does that some exciting stuff coming So well. Thank you for being back on here. Um.

Nicole Majik 26:22.72 Now imagine where you can be in two more years ooh

Michael Whitehouse 26:37.86 And as like before I'll after bring you on you a ah hundred episodes from now because I think it's been about 100 episodes since your last last interview so we'll we'll see if I can line these up make to math work. But it's been great to have you on again and of course you're going to be on. You were on the summit that I just had and hopefully will be on some of the upcoming summits. So.

Nicole Majik 26:43.52 Gladly.

Michael Whitehouse 26:57.14 Like around me and you'll get a lot more Nicole magic. So Nicole thanks for being on the show.

Nicole Majik 26:59.12 Thanks for having me Michael awesome job. Awesome show and so much more cool things to come.

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