Podapalooza – Bonita Joy Yoder, The Court Jester

As a recovering attorney who entertains, Bonita Joy Yoder is known as “The Court Jester.” Bonita JOY Yoder now speaks, emcees and edutains. She brings humor into her presentations through her ventriloquism puppet friends, who love to co-emcee and comment on situational humor that happen in the present moment. Her vision is to bring more of her middle name, Joy, to help lighten up the world especially during serious times.

Her experience includes magic and ventriloquism shows, over 25 years of law practice and real estate investments. She is the author of an award-winning book, “The Heart and Soul of Real Estate”. and is also a former syndicated magazine columnist.

Bonita JOY Yoder can help lighten up your business culture or bring unconventional “talking heads” to your events. She also shows how to bring humor into your video marketing and online training.



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