Podapalooza Part III

On December 18th, I had the privilege of being a featured podcaster at Podapalooza. During this high energy event run by the indomitable Kimberly Crowe of Speakers Playhouse fame, I got to do rapid fire interviews with 8 fascinating guests.

I’m sharing them all with your right here, split across three episodes.

In this third part, you will meet Heather Abbott and Renee Paser-Paul.

Content Warning: We will be discussing some heavy topics including sexual assault and abuse.

Heather Abbott

Heather Abbott is known as the Prosperity Pro because she uses over 30 years’ expertise as a CPA, financial advisor and business owner to support her clients in creating significant shifts and results. When you have a mission or a dream that feels too big, Heather will guide you on your unique path to overcome challenges, reach your goals more easily, and make the impact you want. She is a strong woman and can tell you it is easier to have someone end their life in front of you than to be mentally abused.


Renee Paser-Paul

Renee helps sexual violence survivors create lives of love and laughter.


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