I’d Rather Be 42 Than 22

I’ve been 42, and I’ve been 22.

I like 42 better.

I don’t believe in that “age is just a number” junk. Age is a very real thing. The 40s is a particular phase of life. Different people with different experiences may come into different phases at different times, but this mid-life time is definitely a thing.

When I was 22 I launched Phoenix Games, and I didn’t have the vaugest idea what I was doing. Over the next 6 years, I would turn over $100,000 into vapor, and I would ruin countless relationships because I was young and dumb.

I had a lot in my 20s, and I didn’t appreciate most of it.

I was living a pretty good life, but I spent most of my time worrying about losing it.

I was worried that this phase, the game store and other enterprises, would be the only vehicle for success I would have. If it failed I’d be washed up.

Young. And. Dumb.

Today, at 42, my life is like nothing I could have imagined 20 years ago. Owning a house. Married to an amazing woman and raising a daughter. Planning speaking gigs in three countries, clients in four countries, and contacts on six continents.

But all that is not why I would chose my 40s over my 20s. The biggest difference between 20 year old Michael and 40 year old Michael is perspective.

I don’t fear what will come next. I could lose it all in any number of ways. Accident, illness, business failure, legal issues, who knows?

But I don’t worry about it. I have come to learn that the Universe will unfold as it should, and that the best moment of your life is the one you are living now.

32 was better than 22. 42 is better than 32. I can only assume that 52 will be amazing.

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